You killed wesley payne

The words they used where fairly simple and I You killed wesley payne understand all the words, but sometimes I got confused on the way the author used the words; the author would use simple words, but give them in very complex orders to give completely different meanings.

October was the month for mysteries and suspense, not November. Dalton played it cool. Well, if we were at Salt River High, it just might be, unless we could pay off the right people.

He loves to write, and I love to read and collect coins. The reason I thought that was because everything was completely unrealistic. Any teens who love mysteries will something to appeal to them in this book.

I could never understand what was going on and I never knew where the setting was. You Killed Wesley Payne is recommended for mid- to late-teen readers.

Part of the reason for its success is how human and realistic Dalton is. The book was made for the teen reader. The story was completely messed up and not even close to how real teenagers are. Although I could see why the author of the book thought that teenagers are violent, but not to the point shown in the book.

Here, everyone is part of a clique, and every clique is up to their neck in illegal activities, including the Fack Cult T. This book was almost all fantasy and nothing realistic.

Take a blind stab at who killed Wesley Payne in the comments section. Beaudoin plays a Chandler hand with a Tarantino smirk in this ultra-clever high-school noir, dropping invented brand labels on everything from energy-drink ingredients Flavor Flavah to the Almighty Oh my Bob!

While he tries to put on the tough guy persona, he cares deeply for his family, especially his brother fighting overseas.

The genre of the book was in my thoughts completely fantasy.


The book was very hard to read because there was so much to the story. The reason is a lot of movies like the version of Romeo and Juliet thought that teenagers went around killing people, although they never stole test answers. He was in full Deano at the Copa mode.

You Killed Wesley Payne

But he is the equivalent of a bounty hunter; he only works cases for money. But if you want to read a good book I would pass on this one.

But he actually works for the highest payer. Overall this book would get a five out of ten from me. It should be read both before and after the main story to be fully appreciated. The first three that give me a guffaw, get the books! In the world he lives in he is just some kid who acts like he works for a gang.

He tries to find out who murdered who. You are never going to have a kid like this, get invited to Harvard.You Killed Wesley Payne is a truly original and darkly hilarious update of classic pulp-noir, in which hard-boiled seventeen year-old Dalton Rev transfers to the mean hallways of Salt River High to take on the toughest case of his life.

The question isn't whether Dalton's going to get paid/5(33). I am afraid I’m a bit late with this type of review. October was the month for mysteries and suspense, not November. But it’s not a crime, is it?

Sean Beaudoin

Well, if we were at Salt River High, it just might be, unless we could pay off the right people. Find out what I mean in You Killed Wesley Payne by.

Sean Beaudoin is the author of the Young Adult novels Going Nowhere Faster, Fade To Blue, You Killed Wesley Payne, The Infects, and Wise Young Fool. He has a collection of adult short stories forthcoming from Algonquin Seattle, Washington, United States.

Oct 10,  · YA novel You Killed Wesley Payne by Sean Beaudoin to be released Feb. Learn more at, or order online here: You Killed Wesley Payne has ratings and reviews. Yan said: You Killed Wesley Payne was just too much for me.

While in the midst of being surround /5. You Killed Wesley Payne is a quirky combination of literary noir and satire that deftly merges the hard-boiled detective romp with the absurdities of high school, sure to be a hit with fans of Anthony Horowitz’s Diamond Brothers Mysteries and the TV cult favorite.

You killed wesley payne
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