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These are hopeless people, there is nothing to fear among them. Long live our son, we are your confidants and this document should only be circulated only among members of our most trusted inner circle.

The following departments should be headed by Langi: Where is it that these latter two schools in Lango are not aided by the government?

We wish you success, God blessed us to cooperate and work with you, in fact should anyone attempt to do you any harm, we are willing to sacrifice our own lives for you. We acknowledge the authority you command owing to your position as President of the Party, a phenomenon that has generated a lot of envy among your fellow UPC inner circle.

We hope that you are well aware how the Baganda used to seat on the busts of our grandparents while they drank liquor or brew. We wish that all recruiting officers in all government departments are Langi. Emor has been earmarked and all his movements are being monitored.

The following ministries should be headed by Langi: With immediate effect, send Langi students abroad on scholarships. Save us from the Acholi, you gave our land to the Acholi, when shall it be returned to us?

This shall dupe the villagers in Acholi that we Langi are the best educated. Maybe this is the reason why there are also few Langi students in the University College, reason being that they Langi are frustrated by the Acholi lecturers.

The only serious opposition we might face is from the Acholi, especially should the number of industries in their region increase. Nadiope is well aware how he faces eminent opposition from Bamutire and also how he is dislikedby the Basoga in Iganga.

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We are now totally convinced that should you follow to the letter what is stipulated in our document, herewith known as The Lango Development Plan, Lango shall rise and shine and, you shall be able to rule Uganda for at least 50 years! Should there be any programme to be executed by the Acholi, we must see to it that also Langi officers are involved.

At times Akena Adoko tells us that he is the only one capable of dealing with the Acholi. Mpambara readily accepts anything put before him on his plate. Fundamental steps to be taken: Should you allow any other person to take over that position, we as Langi shall be subjected to enormous suffering.

However, should East Acholi wish to join us, they should be most welcome, in fact should there be any developmental projects to be carried out in Acholi, they should be along the border areas with Lango in order for the Langi to benefit the most.

Whenever a need arises to carry out a project in Acholi, the same project should also be carried out in Lango, as a must. We are well aware that this will cause the other districts to become jealousy of any developments in Lango, but this shall force the other regions to federate with us basing on our strong purchasing power base.

We do not want that Acholi, Anywar, to be head of the Special Branch. Your Excellency, you are well aware of how the Acholi disrespect us the Langi, why have you decided to keep mum? The Langi are quite unhappy about the current boundaries with Acholi.

Teachers from other tribes other than Langi who wish to teach in schools and institutions found in Lango should have a good knowledge of the Langi Luo version and English only. This should be so in order to avoid the impression that Lango is being developed at a fast rate at the expense of other regions.

The Scholarships Committee responsible for sending students abroad should be composed of only dedicated Langi. The good in keeping the elderly Acholi officers is that they despise any advice from the youthful Acholi that could lead them to get ideas of toppling your government.

We must ensure that Langi are made Education Officers in order to equate the number of Acholi Education Officers, or even to supersede them.

In its entirety, here below is our advice: We should be secretive on whatever goes on within Lango. Obote, Thank the heavens! Even in his own home he is not popular and his relatives loathe him as well, they do not trust him. This will give a chance to those Langi who did not get access to education to get access to wealth.

Here below is the document in detail. We would be grateful if the numbers of Langi were increased to supersede the Acholi, and we request that this be implemented as soon as possible. We should instil this myth in the minds of all the other tribes by ensuring that only Langi are appointed in key administrative posts.Global Briefing Booklet Uploaded by International union that bridges the Islamist-secular divide by creating a national unity government and accelerating the process of writing a new constitution before fresh elections.

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Because the British in their arrogance formed it without consulting. Yalinga writing and consulting AB Det här företaget är inte längre med på billsimas.com Vänligen kontakta vår kundservice för mer information. Tulpangatan 2 EDITORIAL Title Central African Republic: A Conflict Mapping Antwerp, August Cover picture Bangui La Coquette sign (IPIS) International Peace Information Service (IPIS) is an independent research institute, providing governmental and non-governmental actors with information and analysis to build sustainable.

Yalinga Writing and Consulting AB.

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maart – december (4 jaar 10 maanden) Örebro, Sweden - Run a blog and write articles with focus on the Central African Republic - Offer lectures about the Central African Republic. Resultat för Resor i Örebro ; kundrecensioner, priser, kontaktuppgifter, och öppettider för företag från Örebro med Resor nyckelord.

Yalinga writing and consulting ab
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