Various case studies of implementation of lean manufacturing at industries

Since this level of success was experienced in every area of the plant, staff was simply not replaced as natural attrition occurred.

This added approximately 5 hours of additional up-time per machine, per day.

The plant was vertically integrated, producing their own circuit board assemblies, cable assemblies, and the box-build final assembly and test.

Return to List Automotive Parts: The teamwork and contributions of those involved in these improvements were impressive by any standards. The need for absolute schedule adherence was explained and personalized: Average lead times were cut from two weeks to three days.

Lean Management Case Studies

Procedures were agreed upon, posted, trained on, and adopted. We facilitated this process with members present from both day and swing shift.

Sequential inspection was initiated, followed by failsafe steps. After considerable re-layout, equipment streamlining and workflow improvements, the new NDT location used only about one-third of the previous space.

Concern about proper care and maintenance of equipment warranted a proactive effort. Quality checks for 1st articles that could take an hour or more were prioritized and all staff and equipment were subordinated to their rapid completion.

Flexibility was built-in so that all future layout modifications were essentially free. Each of the seven machines experienced an increase of approximately 5 hours per shift in additional uptime. Step one was to immediately change the attitude in regard to schedule attainment.

Then scheduling rules were attacked, blitzes were held to resolve obstacles, internal teams were formed to propagate the process, kanban controls were initiated, etc. Increasing teamwork and cooperation between shifts was also at issue.

Return to List Custom Machining: These methods were then applied to similar equipment. A special turntable was constructed to allow for easier lifting of heavy parts.

This gain was sustained and later improved upon after a re-layout of the area in a Blitz Event.

Lean Manufacturing in Action: 3 Lean Implementation Case Studies

In addition to the more traditional lean techniques such as instituting kanban controls and improving change-over times, this client required some more fundamental disciplines. This number would be higher, but the ease of setups and changeovers allowed for more flexibility to the product mix: Since only a maximum of 6 people were now needed to operate the cell including the newly integrated testing areathe remaining 5 people were relocated to other lagging areas throughout the plant.

Luckily, one gutsy division VP agreed to be the guinea pig. In addition to poor financial performance, the division had too much cash tied-up in inventory and had lead time and delivery performance problems.

Case Studies/Results

We first attended to the setup and changeover functions of essential equipment and found a number of ways to streamline the process. The process was driven by an ERP system with multi-level bills of material, shop order travelors, pick lists, lot sizes, and stock room transactions.

In less than six months: This improvement negated any need to purchase equipment to meet forecasted demand.The case studies describe various Lean efforts at Boeing’s Auburn Machine Fabrication Shop and its Everett airplane assembly plant, and demonstrate how Boeing implements and utilizes Lean strategies in its manufacturing settings.

Lean Manufacturing Results for Several Industries. These Lean Case Studies and Results Give a Good Sense of the Results Achievable in Lean Manufacturing in Any Industy.

Lean manufacturing has been applied in many companies in different sectors. The steel industry has many challenges for the implementation of lean manufacturing due to some constraints that are related to the nature of the industry such as large lot production.

This paper describes the application of lean principles in the production planning of a flat steel plant. Implementation of Lean Manufacturing through Supplier Kaizen Framework - A Case Study paper studies on the implementation a Lean Manufacturing project done at an automotive component company.

The done at various supplier companies, a Supplier Kaizen framework was derived which suits the environment and.

Lean Manufacturing in Action: 3 Lean Implementation Case Studies by [user not found] | Jul 10, A successful Lean implementation is one of the most trying and challenging things a.

Lean manufacturing is a known principle used in today’s industries to eliminate various hidden wastes that do not add value to the finish product. Lean concept has many advantages which have helped many companies over the years to stay more competitive in global and national business.

Various case studies of implementation of lean manufacturing at industries
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