The romeo and juliet code book report

Paris, who has been hiding, watches as Romeo pries open the tomb. After she joins forces with her year-old male cousin, the two begin to solve the mysteries, one at a time, leaving Felicity—and astute readers—with some astonishing surprises. The last scene closes the play with a moral that the sin of enmity is punished with unnecessary death for some and misery for others.

He tells his servant not to interfere, but the anxious Balthasar lingers nearby. Now the two families must come to terms with their collective guilt and resolve henceforth to be worthy of the sacrifice.

The scene is filled with irony. Otherwise it just feels like the author is treading water. Soon, Felicity emerges as a first-rate Nancy Drew investigator. Secrets abound, and adults are strangely, sometimes even bizarrely wary of informing her about any of them, although that leaves her feeling isolated and abandoned.

But ceilings never offer any assistance. And why does everyone keep talking about the whispers in the nearby town? She is endearingly portrayed, and the back story, so gradually revealed, provides a peek into the depths of the souls of some of the adults.

Flissy makes short work of his resolve, though, coaxing him out with a puzzle to solve: Juliet stirs, comes to her senses, and immediately asks for Romeo.

Romeo enters with Balthasar. My thinking is that if the word "code" is in the title then your protagonists have to be a little proactive about said code. But these are minuscule complaints. In two cases the phrase appears twice on a single page.

Which is to say, I count the number of times that repetitive element appears. Instead of hormones and popularity, we get secret codes and intercultural clashes.

As historical fiction goes, this does not go to the top of my list. Romeo and Juliet seem arbitrarily tethered to the plot, and Fliss can be a touch fey.

Enjoying it, however, will have to be taken on a case-by-case basis. In addition to culture shock, year-old Felicity is frustrated with her quirky and closed-mouthed relatives, including secretive Uncle Gideon and Shakespeare-obsessed Aunt Miami.

The Romeo And Juliet Code

Both books begin with girls sent to live with hitherto unknown uncles and who discover hidden male cousins who have an inflated sense of their own physical uselessness.

Of course that all ends somewhere around page and so the comparison sort of peters out. Every time she pulled out a Britishism, be it "chap" or "putted along" or any of the other hundreds of words and phrases dotting the text it felt.

You want her to solve the mystery of the code the minute you hear about it, but after she and Derek discover the coded letters, their efforts to decode them are, for chapters at a time, largely forgotten.

Fliss is a marvelously unreliable narrator, unwise and wise beyond her years: But ceilings never offer any assistance.The following day, Romeo and Juliet meet at Friar Lawrence’s cell and are married.

The Nurse, who is privy to the secret, procures a ladder, which Romeo will use to climb into Juliet’s window for their wedding night.

Jan 07,  · Book Review: The Romeo and Juliet Code The latest of my pre-Newbery reads is The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone. When London is devastated by German bomb attacks during World War II, eleven-year-old Felicity is sent to stay in Maine with her father’s family, whom she has never met.

The Romeo And Juliet Code: Book summary and reviews of The Romeo And Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone. Join; Gift; Member Login; Library Patron Login; SUBSCRIBE TO OUR. FREE NEWSLETTERS. I had to do a book report on this book.

First I did not think it was thrilling because i thought it was based on the actual Romeo and Juliet. After I was done.

The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone is a poignant, well-plotted, character-driven novel that will appeal to a wide audience. Felicity is the intelligent and wise-beyond-her years heroine, who has been transported from war time England to the safe haven of Maine, USA/5(47).

Romeo and Juliet

The Romeo and Juliet Code. A Novel by Phoebe Stone just released January Starred Review From Publishers Weekly December 6, The book is full of wisdom and affection; subtle insights into human nature (“I was not going to cry.

I decided to look up at the ceiling, hoping to find something terribly interesting up there that would.

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The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone was a surprising, cute historical fiction book which I would recommend in a heartbeat to someone. The plot: Felicity, an eleven-year-old girl from England, is sent under mysterious /5.

The romeo and juliet code book report
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