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If the tourists are treated poorly, then they many market the country negatively back home in their countries. The first truly international hotel brand in the world, each hotel was designed to provide an experience uniquely and distinctly its own.

The prices are more than available: Promoting Intercontinental rewards guest loyalty program and The hospitality industry essay reservations at discounted rates.

This helps those intending to fly to this countries prepare in good time and reach the hosting country without embarrassments. Here you can easily get the essays of your dreams.

Definately worth a visit to watch the sun set over the Sea. With the local currency, the tourist can buy any commodity of their choice and at the same time boosting our country by consuming the local commodities.

Reagan, President Chirac and Prince William The hotel offers high-tech technology with elegant decor to create a luxurious abode. Staff is first class. The hotel is situated 12 kms from the international and 8 kms from the domestic airport thus offering easy accessibility.

Around tourist spot, preferred by domestic tourist. Hotel Intercontinental Marine Drive offers a total of 59 rooms.

And today the brand and the staff around the world embody this heritage. Welcome juice, chocolates, and fruits brought to our room. Even at the regular price, love this fantastic hotel. Sahar, Mumbai, India Tel: The hotel is small in size. For example, some airlines have provided information on departure and arrival of their planes indifferent countries.

Several companies in the hospitality industry have adopted technology to cope with the current competition in the market place.

At the Intercontinental, visited the hotel for a lunch at its very famous restaurant, Kebab Korner. THREAT The recent terror attack on Mumbai- This attack to a large extent has resulted in the decline of tourist inflow into the city and has resulted in the decreasing sales of the hotel industry in the whole of Mumbai Other major competitors around the city- The presence of other major 5 star as well as 5 star deluxe competitors is a big threat for intercontinental because even they attract a lot of customers to their property which results in the decreasing sales of the property Economic Recession: The hotel is best-suited for all types of travelers and is truly a heaven of generous tranquility enveloped with warm hospitality.

International changes its name to InterContinental Hotels Corporation in to reflect its intention to develop around the world. Can recommend the Long Island Iced teas they pack a punch. The hotel is also close to Santacruz domestic airport.

There has been a sudden transformation of the quality and nature of services delivered in the hospitality industry. This paradise providing complete solitude in the midst of the city crowd draws a lot of attention. COM is able to write and provide the best tailor made essay on Hospitality Industry!

Many firms in this industry are seeking to satisfy the customer and retain them if they were to spend their disposable incomes at their leisure times.The hospitality industry, more than any other, is facing strong to the people. What create that lasting impression customers is effective, efficiency and hospitality of the people who by attitude and their kindness, hospitality is people oriented.

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. Thehospitality industryconsists of broad category of fields within the service industry that includeslodging,restaurants,event planning,theme parks,transportation,cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry.

The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the. Nov 27,  · Hospitality Industry essay. The hospitality industry includes several categories within service industry.

These include lodging, cruise lines, transportation, restaurants and tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a multibillion investment in the world and its availability depends on the availability of disposable income and. The hospitality industry is an industry sector that consists of a wide selection of fields within the service industry.

It includes; restaurants, lodging, event planning, transportation, cruise line and relevant fields within the tourism industry.

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Hospitality industry involved hotels, casinos, and resorts which provide comfort and a sort of guidance to guests. The term hospital, hospice and hostel are deriving from 'hospitality' and these establishments protect more of the connotation of personal care.

Essay on Going Green In The Hospitality Industry Words 4 Pages Environmentalism has become a great concern in all sectors of business, evidenced by the recent jump in energy prices, and empirical data provided by several different environmental and scientific agencies.

The hospitality industry essay
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