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Clay suspects she is suicidal and reaches out to her at the end of the novel. Porter was I need to get on with things, Mr Porter.

My shoulders went limp. Hannah attempted to talk to Th1rteen r3easons why essay. He walks toward her, saying her name.

Jenny Kurtz, a cheerleader spots her and asks if Hannah needs a ride since Hannah is drunk. Zach Dempsey is the subject of the seventh tape. She hesitates to ask the counselor for help but goes to him.

He learns that Marcus is also on the tapes, so he must be guilty of something, too. When he realized what Hannah was up to, he called her parents to try to warn them, but he was too late.

In response, he took away her "notes of encouragement" from the only class that she looked forward to Ryan Weaver published one of her poems in the school paper without her knowledge, and it was harshly criticized Jenny Kurtz crashed her car into a stop sign and chose not to report it; this event eventually led to the death of a fellow classmate At this point, the tapes come to Clay, who Hannah apologizes for including because he does not deserve to be on the list; they had genuine feelings for each other, and kissed once at a party.

She says that if anybody fails to pass them along, a copy of the recordings will be made public. Clay had a secret crush on Hannah and Hannah fell in love with Clay. At a school party, after Hannah kissed Clay and pushing him back away, if Clay did not leave, Clay keeps believing that Hannah would have had a reason to survive.

The novel ends with Clay reaching out to her. This is going to be a doozy, Shmoopers. The second character to be named on the tapes in the book was Alex Standall; [9] in the TV series it was Jessica Davis. Hannah blames Jessica for believing the rumors about her and telling people that Hannah stole Alex from Jessica.

Jessica and Hannah would be able to talk about different stuff, however Hannah was betrayed by Jessica. It turned out to be a brutally honest exploration of both the victim and those left behind wondering why and how such a thing could have happened. It is common that people undergoing adolescence starts to ask themselves the bigger questions such as how and why.

After this activity Hannah forces herself to conclude to committing suicide. One day Hannah notices that Tyler Down has been at her window peeking in and taking photos of her.

Hannah had already given up on trying to fight her reputation of who the students thought she was. Jessica Davis, Alex, and Hannah were all once friends since they were new to the school.

I saw how she herself had a hard time to gain a clearer view to what her reasons were, and how those mere circumstances ended being her reasons in the first place. He particularly looks out for Clay as he struggles through the tapes.

Marcus touched Hannah in that way without her permission, without any sign of her wanting him to. He was actually really good to Hannah; he even confessed his feelings to her and they kissed! Jenny hits a stop side and resists to contact anyone.

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The thirteen stories i. She had to push him out of the booth and onto the floor to get him to stop. Clay is able to learn through the tapes Hughes, K.

Porter to help Hannah that she had already had her mind up about ending everything for her. Hannah gets kicked out of the car and witnesses an old man getting injured and the death of a high school student peer. Hannah describes Courtney as fake, despite being known at school as friendly.

Porter about what was going on with her life and the suicidal thoughts going through her head.Good Essays words ( pages) Thirteen Reasons Why and The Lovely Bones Essay - When two teenage girls die, many lives are affected as time passes.

This is an entire unit for the novel Thirteen Reasons Why (aka Th1rteen R3asons Why or 13 Reasons Why). It is aligned to Common Core for ELA & for Reading Literature and Writing. 13 Reasons Why Unit (Thirteen Reasons Why)-Wkshts.,Tests,Vocab,Essay,Common Core. Preview. Subject. Evaluation Rubric for Essay 9.) Keys for All /5().

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher Words | 2 Pages. In the book “Thirteen Reasons Why”, Jay Asher shows that the actions that you make can affect others. Photography and the Civil War Essay Words | 7 Pages.

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did Mathew Brady change people’s perception of the Civil War? This investigation evaluates the ways in which photographer Mathew Brady changed the American perception of the Civil War. The official website for Jay Asher's debut novel, Thirteen Reasons Why.

Sep 27,  · I just finished reading the book and I thought it was AMAZING! Go check it out if you like to read ;).

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