Msc economics dissertation

The module is organised in three sub-modules: Analysis of the concentration of Top 50 IT companies.

Economics - MSc

You should therefore take a full complement of lecture modules until you and your supervisor pass the point at which Msc economics dissertation have a satisfactory dissertation. Topics include the Ramsey model, aggregate consumption and investment, open economy models, DSGE models, the neoclassical growth model, RBC theory, and productivity and growth.

Please log into PAC for more details. A critical survey since the crisis What are the social costs and benefits of reversing innovations in mortgage markets? The supervisor would expect to see a full final draft of the dissertation two weeks prior to the submission date.

Application processing timeline Our online application system PAC opens for applications in early November of each year. The module Msc economics dissertation taught by various members of the School and as such will expose you to some topics we work on and the methodologies we use.

Need help with English? Students are required to submit a proposed dissertation title, approved by a member of staff, during the second term. An outline of chapters which breaks your MSC dissertation project down to the manageable sections.

Striking a balance between theory and practice, this module gives you a firm grounding in the economics of financial markets, and covers a variety of finance topics, focusing on the valuation of stocks, bonds, derivatives futures and forwards, options, swapsportfolio management and hedging strategies.

The overarching goal of microeconomic research is to identify the incentives of various agents and trade-offs that they may face. The teaching and learning of skills are carefully integrated into the structure of the modules and degree programme.

This enables a discussion of the effects of monetary and fiscal policy on the main macroeconomic variables.


Details of taught courses are available on our online prospectus. To maximise your chances of being offered one of these places, we recommend that you submit your application to the Msc economics dissertation as early as possible, but no later than 31 August.

Course structure The Economics MSc is studied over one year full-time or two years part-time and is divided into two stages: Length should be about 8, to 10, words and in no case should exceed 12, words. A postgraduate degree in the area of economics is a particularly valuable and flexible qualification that can open the door to exciting careers in many professions.

MSc Dissertation The MSc Dissertation From June — September students undertake a research project lightly supervised by a member of faculty and submit a 10, word dissertation to a deadline in mid-September.

The module is concerned with the application of econometric methods, with less emphasis on the mathematical aspects of the subject which may be studied in other modules. Comparison of the effectiveness of public policies on innovation in Chile for local research and inward technology transfer Welfare participation by immigrants in the UK A study upon market structure characterised by regulation: Steps to writing a successful MSC Dissertation Proposal Sections to include in your MSC dissertation Proposal Introduction which should clearly state the problem related to your area of research and give the Msc economics dissertation of its cause being significant.

Demonstrate their capacity to work independently under the guidance of an academic supervisor. Students will develop an understanding of the conventional linear regression model and the problems associated with the application of regression methods to economic modelling. Objectives and learning outcomes of the module On successful completion of the course, students will be able to: Supervisors are allocated by the Department based on approved topics and staff availability.

Organize their ideas in response to theoretical and empirical material and plan, develop and present a written argument in relation to this. Normally only students who have achieved at least a Our graduates have gone on to work as economists in international organisations, the financial sector, business, UK and overseas governments, and to further postgraduate training and academic careers at Kent, UK and overseas universities.

They are also allocated a supervisor for the MSc dissertation, who can advise on data and provide comments on methodologies and the written material. Consideration of any application received by the University after expiry of the deadlines specified herein, shall be made at the sole discretion of the University.

Student voices "I feel the course provided me with a far more sophisticated understanding of macroeconomic policy and a wealth of useful technical econometrics skills". The dissertation will be undertaken under the supervision of a member of the Department of Economics.The Economics MSc is studied over one year full-time or two years part-time and is divided into two stages: eight taught modules (five of which are compulsory) and a dissertation.

There are compulsory modules in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, two modules in Econometrics, and Research Methods. 36 CATS - Department of Economics Principal Aims To encourage students to pose an interesting research question; to find the correct methods for analysing the question, including development of theoretical models and/or analysis of data where appropriate; to write up their results independently, without the need for continuous supervision.

Our MSc programmes in Economics will give you the opportunity to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in economics and related disciplines.

The programme consists of a set of core and elective modules, culminating in a practice-based business project or a research-based dissertation. The MSc Dissertation From June – September students undertake a research project lightly supervised by a member of faculty and submit a 10, word dissertation to a deadline in mid-September.

A good dissertation will be a piece of original research, the best dissertations are published. Example Economics Dissertations Social Infrastructure and Economic Growth This dissertation has had a focus on the relationship and links between social infrastructure and economic growth in the.

Dissertation topics will normally be related to a Sophister course taken by the candidate in either the JS or SS and the supervisor might well be the person giving that course. 3. Dissertations (two copies) must be submitted for examination to the Economics Department by 5pm the Friday of Week 8 of Hilary Term.

Msc economics dissertation
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