Lord of the flies alternative ending

As he runs, he looks back on better times, times before the death of Simon and Piggy and the fall of order. Almost on the verge of screaming in rage, an idea burst into his mind. You can fight back against Jack.

On arrival to Castle Rock he took no notice of his surroundings as before, he had his gaze fixed on revenge, the beast had taken his friends and his heart. Suddenly, he hears a rustle in the undergrowth. He made his way to the spot, but was halted by an oncoming presence. Jack attempts to stab Simon.

A shadow falls on Jack. They discover Ralph pacing the beach slowly, holding his head in his hands, gibbering. It was a smaller rock, worn down by We have to- have to catch you. As he looks down he sees waves crashing far below him. Pieces were strewn to and fro, some thrown into the water.

Ralph continued onto his desired location, and luckily, made it to the thick, dense area that only he had witnessed the entirety of.

He was alone, and suddenly, power hungry.

Lord Of The Flies Alternate Ending.

Ralph who looks at the horror with uncomprehending eyes stands stock still. They stare at each other for a moment. Soon after the war ends. Simon then pulls out a kunai and then proceeds to stab Ralph in the heart. As he trudged further, he found what seemed to be a clearing, surrounded by tall trees, branches, bushes, and other numerous types of plant life.

He heard the sound of footsteps on the tightly packed earth, and was fortunate enought to have bushes to hide behind.

This would only possibly confirm their fears, but it would have to do for now. Ralph hurriedly picks up the sharpened stick and runs in the opposite direction. They took two lives from him, and he was going to reverse the roles.

As he searched high and low, left and right, he grew more and more enraged. He had never been that way for the entire duration of being on the island, but now Ralph staring at them tries to speak. He was tied down unshakably, his feet and arms bound to an obese log.Leave a comment with your alternate ending or an epilogue (a brief description of what happens to the characters after the ending of the book--you can imagine them right after they get back to "civilization" or years later up to you!).

Alternative Ending to Lord of the Flies Ralph lay in a covert, wondering about his wounds. The bruised flesh was inches in diameter over his right ribs, with a swollen and bloody scar where the spear had hit billsimas.coms: 1.

We will write a custom essay sample on Lord of the Flies, Alternative Ending specifically for you for only $ $/page. It would also open up to another book, but I think that that ending would leave the reader's imagination to think up the rest.

Great job. Check out some of my work if you get the time. Essay on An Alternative Ending to William Golding's Lord of the Flies Words | 3 Pages. An Alternative Ending to William Golding's Lord of the Flies Ralph stumbled over a root, he could hear the snapping of twigs getting ever nearer as the boys closed in on his position.

Alternate Ending to Lord of the Flies

Samneric had heard Ralph's cry and darted towards the sound. Read story Lord Of The Flies Alternate Ending. by Heartz58 with reads. thevampdiariesfan, lord, flies.

Ralph was running as fast as he could to get away fr.

Lord of the flies alternative ending
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