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Internat The Internat are German boarding schools. The classical universities, in the tradition of Alexander von Humboldt, provide a broad general education and students usually attend them for up to six years.

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My favourite teacher is our maths teacher. To manage classes that are taught three or five lessons per week there are two common ways. Students usually sit at tables, not desks usually two at one tablesometimes arranged in a semicircle or another geometric or functional shape.

Learning a foreign language is compulsory throughout Germany in secondary schools and English is one of the more popular choices.

German School System

Classes normally start between 7: Many private schools have a simplified dress code, for instance, such as "no shorts, no sandals, no clothes with holes". They only serve super healthy food. There are also some separate boarding schools for boys and girls.

It leads to part-time enrollment in a vocational school combined with apprenticeship training until the age of Schools can also schedule two or three special days off per term.

In higher grades[ which? Meine Lehrer sind alle viel zu streng. When we are in the ICT suite we are rarely allowed to use the computers for fun things. Exams which are always supervised are usually essay based, rather than multiple choice.

A second foreign language is required in Gymnasium. Wer die Hausaufgaben nicht erledigt hat muss nachsitzen.

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Eine Mensa haben wir nicht. These schools differ from the other ones mentioned in that control rests not with the local and regional school authorities, but with the federal government, industry and the trade unions. Although education is a function of the federal states, and there are differences from state to state, some generalizations are possible.

In some states, foreign language education starts in the Grundschule primary school. In all states except Berlin and Brandenburgthis orientation phase is embedded into the program of the secondary schools.

In addition to that there is too much homework, and that daily.There are about 12 compulsory subjects: up to three foreign languages (the first one is often already taken in primary school, the second one beginning in 6th or 7th grade, another is taken somewhen between 7th and 11th grade), physics, biology, chemistry, civics/social/political studies, history, geography (starting between 5th and 7th grade), mathematics, music, visual arts, German, PE and.

The German education system is different in many ways from the ones in other countries, but it produces high-performing students. The overwhelming majority of German students attend public schools. The whole German education system, including the universities, is.

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School uniform Whether you like it or not, most school pupils in the U.K. have to wear a school uniform. You may need to be able to describe it in your speaking exam. In talking about clothes, we often say what colour they are.

Colours are describing words, i.e. adjectives. You need to be able to understand how adjectives work in German. Why Rules Are Important (Essay/Paper Sample) March 2, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.

As mentioned rules apply differently in different places, for instance school rules may include dressing and some specific type of food which could be different from other institution.

Traffic rules guide people on fast or slow them can. May 29,  · After the German part follows a part where I tell you in English what the German text is about. After the examples of short essays, you will find a list of German keywords and conjugated verbs that I provided for you so that you do not have to look it up in a billsimas.coms: Importance Of School Rules (Essay Sample) September 27, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.

Facebook 16 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. Legal rule are enforced everywhere in the society and schools are best known as camps for mental purpose where people are trained to accept the rules and regulations posed by institutions.

German school rules essay
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