Finder love aki hoshino gameplay

Some are pretty okay for a while for example the shutter game which needs you to press the L key as hearts pass through the square and the R key when the shutter icon clashes in the middles.

But I think I can make a fair judgment elsewhere. The Bad The other mini-games are just half-assed attempts although the memory maze like game could work elsewhere but not in this Sim dating game.

The photography itself is a rhythm game where the player needs to use the shoulder buttons to catch hearts to build up combos and take photographs at the most ideal moment while video footage runs behind a transparent hud.

photography game

Getting through the menu will require a little trial and error. Enough of that, now onto this game. The photos are collected in albums and can be traded with friends.

There are also other mini-games set in a restaurant, an attack game where Aki will punch the protagonist and he needs to block her hits, Sharades, Paper Rock Scissors, the Cute Maze and a compatibility test. I should mention the full motion videos are well used around the game and are mixed quite nice with the mini-games.

With an A or a B grade, extra shutter time is provided and the game will continue for a few more seconds. Everything is through first person perspective and Aki is the only character seen. Played from a first-person perspective, the player is an amateur photographer.

There are also various voice fragments. Aki Hoshino is one of the three Finder Love games that were released simultaneously, each of them starring a different Japanese idol. Aki Hoshino is visible through photos shown against different backgrounds in slideshows as well as FMV sequences.

The music is well fitted in too. After this game you can see the successful photos clicked. The charades game seems interesting but the text is in Japanese so bummer.

Finder Love

Aki has better dvds for you to purchase or waste your bandwidth on. This edition is entirely about the Japanese bikini idol Aki Hoshino and it is largely a dating sim. The version we had was in Japanese and I have no knowledge of this language except for the few prominent words that appear in their English subtitled animes.

Those combinations have made her pretty popular. If your lost on who Aki hoshino is, just look her up. Last one which appeared once was pressing either the X, Triangle, Circle or square key through the circle.

Aki Hoshino

Not an American user? This is the most common mini-game in this adventure and gets boring after times. Although Aki wears somewhat revealing outfits, there is no adult content or explicit nudity in the game.

The main story is continued through conversations where the player is given a few basic options every now and then. This eventually leads to four different endings.Online shopping from a great selection at Movies & TV Store. Finder Love.

likes. Finder Love is a series of video games published by Capcom for the PlayStation Portable and released in Japan exclusively on June.

Jun 29,  · Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Finder Love: Hoshino Aki - Nangoku Trouble Rendezvous here on GameSpot.

Finder Love: Aki Hoshino for PSP. Review by dreamstealer: Horrible attempt at bringing Japanese Idols to video games. Finder Love: Aki HoshinoIn Capcom's mix of love simulation, adventure and idol disc, you take on the role as a rookie cameraman and take pictures of the girls in their best look and pose during each photo session.

The further you process in the game, you will be able to interact with the hotties and take their pictures, rank them and finally trade them with friends. Feb 21,  · Watch video · Finder Love - Aki Hoshino - Nankoku Trouble Rendezvous PSP Game Download (ISO) 5 years ago K views.

Finder love aki hoshino gameplay
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