Could the civil war have been avoided essay

Meanwhile, slavery and the other sectional differences that had been developing between North and South continued to boil under the surface just waiting for the right moment to erupt.

Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

To the North, the South got what it wanted and was going to pay dearly for it. I disagree with Foote on the responsibility for that, or at least the weight to be assigned to each side. That leaves plenty of wars — the War ofthe Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, World War One, Vietnam, and Iraq to name a few — that I would arguably classify as unnecessary, or having been fought because of diplomatic failures, mistaken information, or in two cases World War One and Vietnam something close to utter deception Could the civil war have been avoided essay the political leadership at the time.

Economic, religious, moral and political conflict is the right mix for any war. I recollect once of having heard a gentleman from one of the northern States, of great power and ability, announce in the House of Representatives, with imposing effect, that we of the South would be compelled, ultimately, to yield upon this subject of slavery, that it was as impossible to war successfully against a principle in politics, as it was in physics or mechanics.

In both cases, the issue was swept under the rug in the name of national unity. There really is no compromising with that kind of attitude, which is likely one of the reasons why those last efforts to avoid secession and war in the months between November and April failed so completely.

How Could the War Have Been Prevented?

So if you want to prevent the Civil War, you need to resolve the slavery issue somehow. If you want to avoid the war completely, you need to find a permanent solution -- which almost certainly means an eventual end to slavery.

Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.

The reply I made to him was, that upon his own grounds, we should, ultimately, succeed, and that he and his associates, in this crusade against our institutions, would ultimately fail. The Civil War was primarily about slavery.

People North and South were forced to pick sides as year after year of intense political conflict continued.

Could have the American Civil War been avoided?

This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. The northern states were beginning to end it as the Revolution was fought, and many believed all the states would gradually end it when the Constitution was being debated.

This did not go over well, and a crisis was ready to happen when South Carolina passed the Ordinance of Nullification in November Randy Golden, n. Of course the solution would have to come before This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science.

What we see in the s is a failure to compromise, a hardening of positions, and a deliberate inflamation of differences. In late or earlyLincoln proposed a solution to Delaware: But since the South figured out that it was cheaper to import from abroad what the North produced, Andrew Jackson, when he was President well before Lincolnturned on the South by imposing tariffs on many of the imported goods, in order to protect the interests of the North.

The main complaint of the South was that the North was gaining more power in the federal government and the South no longer had a voice. The real outer fringe on both sides resorted to violence.

I think the South bears the most burden; he implies that the weight was evenly spread about. The Civil War, though, is a unique event in American history, and it will remain as such for as long as there is a United States of America. Things go downhill for decades. They were attempting to make things equal which the Creator had made unequal.

What follows is a synopsis of what I think I have learned in that time. At this point, when Lincoln sent troops to take the place of peaceful proceedings, three more states seceded. We can now dissect this strife in modern terms.

Both were influential; the extremists in the South simply were more influential in their section than the Abolitionists in the North were. The South had not fought in the American Revolution for nothing, and it had not achieved its great prosperity by sitting idly by.

This complex situation was generally taught to schoolchildren as erupting over the issue of slavery.

Sumter when a federal ship called to port in the Carolina Harbor that began the fighting that would last for four years. All fanaticism springs from an aberration of the mind from a defect in reasoning.Apr 23,  · How could the war have been prevented.

Of course the solution would have to come before Essay about Could the American Revolution Been Avoided? was elected, the South eventually seceded from the Union launching the American Civil War.

The South fought to become its own nation while the North fought to bring the nation back. More about Essay about Could the American Revolution Been Avoided? Commencement of the American. Danni Yang Final Exam Essay June. 11 DISCUSS THE CAUSES OF THE CIVIL WAR. COULD CONFLICT HAVE BEEN AVOIDED?

The Civil War, also known as the "War between the States", was fight from to between the Union (or the North) and the Confederacy (the South). The Civil War was a complex conflict stemming from myriad causes including slavery, trade, and federal structure, and as such it is a matter of opinion as to whether or not it was preventable.

Many forces were in play at the war's outset and at the time many outcomes seemed possible. The Civil War was an unavoidable event that altered the course of history. The origins of the war are found in the issue of slavery and the moral and political questions this issue raised.

The North and South, which both constituted the Union, were as different from one another as two separately /5(3). In the case of the events and emotions leading up to the Civil War, it hardly seems likely that it could have been avoided.

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Could the civil war have been avoided essay
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