Bbc radio 2 big write and erase

Know the specific slot that you see your piece being suitable for too — be it a sitcom, sketch or drama.

Who can enter?

Remember that unless you have composed the music yourself, you will have to get written permission from the composer before you can use it. Expect a few refusals before someone agrees to take part in your vox pop. On Saturday, Israel called off a planned air strike.

Do let your students have a go at editing. Make sure your guest is sitting near enough to the microphone. A couple of sentences from each person is about the right length.

Some people find it useful to write down what they have recorded. Tony Blair has said remarkable progress is being made in Afghanistan and that Britain is committed to supporting the country. Working to a deadline will help you focus on producing a reasonable report, which is finished, rather a perfect piece, which is only half-completed.

The spring guidelines normally appear around the end of February. The alarm was raised when they failed to turn up at a meeting point. Your interview might be the focus of your item, or part of the overall piece. Whatever you write has to fit in to what people are ready to listen to at that time — the golden rule is to know the slot you are writing for back to front.

It is not necessary to have lots of equipment. This allows you to play material back to the whole class. Your natural speaking speed will be too fast for a listener to take in everything you are saying.

She spends many evenings watching performances and going along film screenings. You might write "There are currently 5, people on a waiting list for hip replacements" but you would say "At the moment, just under six thousand people are waiting for a hip replacement.

The person recording the presenter should wear headphones to check the recording levels and make sure it is not too quiet or too loud. Do you only need one minute to include in a longer piece, or do you need 10 minutes for a special programme?

Environmental protesters are blockading one of the main Shell petrol stations in Birmingham. However, not only should the writer master how to convey their story only with dialogue, they must also understand how people listen to the radio in the specific slot they are writing for.

Do not record lots more material than you need or you will have to spend extra time editing it down. So if you have a script that you think might be good for radio, how do you find a producer?

It might help students to answer these questions: Did it contain music? You can hear if something does not sound right. Aim to include ONE idea per phrase or sentence.

Label all your tapes, soundcards or minidisks. If you did not manage to record the best quote of the interview, but you did write it down, do not be tempted to read the quote out loud. Some background noise, such as traffic or a playground, will sound good but make sure it is not too loud.

Using a computer editing package, edit together the main points of your report in the right order. So, we asked her to give us the inside track on how the commissioning process works at BBC Radio 4 and where a budding scriptwriter should start if they want to write for radio.

Do not "um", "er", or "mmm" while your guest is talking as this distracts the listener and makes your interview difficult to edit. It should have an aim and it should be structured. Keep the answers short. Then, write to the producer. Breaking copyright law is a form of stealing.

Analyse as many programmes as you can. A vox pop will sound more interesting if it includes a mix of male, female, high and low voices, different ages and accents. Whatever you write has to fit in to what people are ready to listen to at that time — the golden rule is to know the slot you are writing for back to front.The list "BBC Radio 2 presenters" has been viewed times.

Apr 29,  · A little taste of the fun I've been having off the back of the Voice, Again thank you for everything, support, messages and kind words, I'm blown away by th. It’s very simple.

Entrants write an original story on any subject or theme in Words or fewer and submit it online. If they win, their story will be read live on the radio by a. Below are three BBC radio scripts, all broadcast on the same day.


It is interesting to compare the different stories and the choice of language adopted by each programme, and to discuss how this relates to audience. Reaction and analysis plus listen to BBC Radio 5 live as hosts France beat Iceland to set up a Euro semi-final tie with Germany.

Another big night of European football comes to an end. BBC Radio 2 has a 'viral video of the day', where Steve Wright describes a popular YouTube video. (billsimas.comhproblems) submitted 4 years ago by ihatebadpuns.

Bbc radio 2 big write and erase
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