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Another obvious problem for Bacon was the tension between him and other people in the company. Bacons major problem stems from the fact that he withheld an important document from Meir and the rest of the task force team.

Cons — canceling meeting gives sense of not being prepared properly thus losing influence clout Following through on meeting and successfully delivering message will show confidence in report findings. In that case at least one of the market managers should have been in the team. Everyone attended except Meir who was gathering data in NYC.

This lead to further negative consequences damaging team morale at the end. July 24 — Meeting between task force members is called. Michael Bacon faced with several dilemmas needing immediate resolution. Meir was not very supportive of Bacon and his leadership role, and felt Dr.

Bacon as head of the task force should have held a meeting with his team members, understood agenda, set up goals, and then decided on the presentation date.

Aston-Blair Inc. Case Study

He should have kept them in loop so that they could give recommendations and valuable suggestions. Aston Blair Case 1. Bacon did not take charge and let Holt have the lead.

Aston Blair Case

Cornelius, maybe the market managers too. July 23 — Meeting set up with Trott, Casey, and the market managers for August 4 to present progress and recommendations. It was obvious that there was resentment from team members that the younger associates were put in charge of the assignment.

By leaving it on his desk, he facilitated the information to other people. Bacon therefore lacked the abilities of a strong-minded Leader. A break is called to cool off heated arguments and meeting is set to reconvene at Aston blair case essay example. Home Essays Aston-Blair Inc.

Information can be reviewed and supported by upper management By cancelling the meeting, the Vice President could be brought up to speed on the gathered information and perhaps intervene himself.

The sales managers were angry that this task force team was coming in attempting to tell them how to do their jobs and change the way they do things. He could have also gotten feedback from the members and used the time to develop a plan for what the team needed to do when they returned to the meeting.

He could have emphasized the importance of the task force and their recommendations and reassured everyone he was there to support them. By cancelling the meeting, relationships with marketing managers could have more time to be re-established and improved. Another one of the major issues was the lack of information sharing between team members.CASE The introductory background information on the Aston-Blair Company & case According to (Aston-Blair Case, M-6, 11), this case study in question ‘Aston-Blair Inc.’ focuses on a particular company which is the 3rd biggest in its industry in the US and its major specialization is on the manufacturing of precious metal alloys and.

Essay on Aston-Blair Inc. Case Study up the task force i) Inadequate Team Structure – Wrong Selection Procedure Both Trott and Casey had concluded that the major area for task force to study should be the Marketing Division.

Aston believed that “poor forecasting was one of several underlying factors contributing to the firm’s poor performance” (Aston-Blair Case, M-6, 13). Trott and Casey assembled a task force to investigate the forecasting problem.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Aston-Blair Inc. Case" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. essay sample on Aston-Blair Inc. Case Study specifically for you ORDER NOW As head of the task force, Bacon remained ineffective regarding brainstorming to understand what should be the required resources and operating guidelines.

Aston Blair case analysis - identifies problems, alternatives, and make recommendations for action. Words | 31 Pages. ASTON-BLAIR, INC. CASE ANALYSIS Aston-Blair is a producer of "precious metal alloys and other specialized alloys for commercial and industrial use" (Aston-Blair Case, M-6, 13).

Aston blair case essay example
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