A summary of the story of the good earth by pearl s buck

Buck House in October During the devastating famine and drought, the family must flee to a large city in the south to find work. With the money Wang Lung received for his furniture, they travel on a train to their new home. Together, Wang Lung and O-lan cultivate a bountiful and profitable harvest from their land.

Friendly relations with prominent Chinese writers of the time, such as Xu Zhimo and Lin Yutangencouraged her to think of herself as a professional writer.

The Poor Fool — first daughter and third child of O-lan and Wang Lung, whose mental handicap is caused by severe starvation during her infancy. O-lan had stolen some jewels during the looting. In the midst of this crisis, O-lan gives birth to another daughter.

The Good Earth Summary

After learning that his son visits a whore, Wang Lung goes to the prostitute, paying her not to see his son anymore. He becomes a merchant and weds a village daughter. In his old age, Wang Lung takes a young slave, Pear Blossom, as a concubine.

He enjoys another profitable harvest, and O-lan gives birth to another son. During the story, her feet are bound. When Wang Lung takes a slave young enough to be his granddaughter, however, the boy, who is in love with the girl, runs away from home and becomes a soldier.

When violence broke out, a poor Chinese family invited them to hide in their hut while the family house was looted.

The Good Earth

From that time on, he rents his land, hoping that his youngest son will work it after his death. Wang Lung, now an old man, wants peace, but there are always disputes, especially between his first and second sons and particularly their wives. Wang decides to move his family in hopes of finding a job, but he refuses to sell his land.

Pearl S. Buck

But I marvel at how Mrs. The land is not to be sold. Wu Pei-fu, for example, ruled five provinces in North and Central China and his "subjects" must have been well over one hundred million.

He allows O-lan to keep two small pearls that she likes. Buck International to "address poverty and discrimination faced by children in Asian countries".

O-Lan, however, calmly picks up the meat and cooks it. She renewed a warm relation with William Ernest Hockingwho died in Wang Lung sometimes mentions her wide lips.

Furthermore, his first and second sons often argue over money, and their wives develop an intense animosity toward one another. In the city, they construct a hut of mats against a wall, and while O-lan and the two older children beg, Wang Lung pulls a ricksha.

Stay up to date on new reviews. Wang Lung begins to feel a secret yearning for one of the slaves who is a pale, delicate girl. O-lan is again with child, and the family has enough to eat before the next harvest.

Lung and his family move into town and rent the old House of Hwang. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. O-lan is a good wife. Taking the jewels from O-lan, except for the two pearls she wishes to keep for herself, Wang Lung buys more land from the House of Hwang.

Soon, armed soldiers regularly appear in the city, for there is talk of war; the rich begin fleeing the city, abandoning their opulent houses.

With this new wealth, he moves the family back home and purchases a new ox and some seeds.Apr 01,  · Buy a cheap copy of The Good Earth book by Pearl S. Buck. Pearl S. Buck's epic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of a China that was -- now in a Contemporary Classics edition.

Though more than sixty years have /5(6). The Good Earth is a novel by Pearl S. Buck published in and awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in The best-selling novel in the United States in both and was an influential factor in Buck's winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in Plot summary of The Good Earth by Pearl S.

The Good Earth Notes

Buck. Part of a free Study Guide by billsimas.com Jun 02,  · Plot Summary | Add Synopsis. Pearl Buck's story of the ups and downs of a Chinese peasant family is adapted for the screen in a stately and dignified manner. Extreme respect is paid to the characters, who are given ample screen time to mature and develop.

and an engrossing story which more than justifies `The Good Earth's /10(4K). Some critics have claimed that Pearl Buck is not writing about a Chinese farmer, but a universal farmer, one who knows that his riches and his security come from the good earth itself.

This concept does give a universality to the novel, but for most readers the importance of the novel lies in Pearl Buck's knowledge of China and of the Chinese. O-lan becomes pregnant, and Wang Lung is overjoyed when O-lan’s first child is a son.

Meanwhile, the powerful Hwang family lives decadently—the husband is obsessed with women, and the wife is an opium addict.

A summary of the story of the good earth by pearl s buck
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