A personal account of finding a silver lining on a rainy day

What color are your clouds? What can I learn from this? Train yourself to treat every experience with deep democracy. Maybe your partner was a narcissist. What idea does this give me? Things happen for a reason and no matter what, you will learn something from a negative or difficult situation.

Participants who completed a set of optimism exercises this exercise and the Goal Visualization task daily for three weeks reported greater engagement in life and less dysfunctional thinking e.

Abundance is a function of receptivity. Do I have my health? There are not enough words to describe the negative emotions we feel when this type of rejection occurs, not to mention what it does to our motivation and self-esteem. Not stronger and better than anyone else. Everyone, everything and every experience are your mentors.

You found a great person, but they live four hundred miles away. Do I have a place to live? She is your guide to being a smart, savvy, effective satisfied single while dating well, and ultimately finding your true love.

As David Gray sang: Every side is the bright side. He could sound convincing to us that he had it all covered, but would then kind of lose control of it. Perhaps my monthly coaching program would help. Whatever your past relationships were like or how they ended, they are not you. She moved into a long-term care community that could offer specialized care and a secure environment.

Life circumstances do not define us. Discover this, rebuild and go forward. Participants who had a tendency to be pessimistic especially benefited from the exercise and showed fewer depressive symptoms afterward.

What is this an opportunity for? The silver lining of this unfulfilling situation is that you have realized your value. Ultimately, resolution of any situation is going to happen regardless of if we are heated and stressed or calm and collected, but creating mental space for that is necessary.

Looking on the bright side even when things go wrong is a key component of optimism, which research links to lower rates of depression, a better ability to cope with stress, and more relationship satisfaction, among other benefits.

Now, she was no longer at home watching TV in the dark. For more on how to use your thoughts to create a better outcome, see my blog on the subject. Where is the gift in this? The challenge is partnering with your pain.

Shauna Mackenzie Shauna, founder of Best Kept Self, is a passionate entrepreneur who abides by a strict less-is-more approach to life. My mom was a people person.

How can I use this situation as a gateway to learning something about myself, and then change for the better? The place where entrepreneurs come to put themselves first.Read on see the silver lining within yourself, every day - no matter who you are.

confident energy points to your assertive nature - and that’s something you can put to use in both your personal and your professional life.

SILVER LINING: SILVER LINING: Your organizational. Volume is always an issue for me. In the past, I’d add products that would volumize at first but as the day went on, my hair would become weighed down.

that they want to give $ gift card to one lucky Finding Silver Lining reader! Entries close on Sunday August 20th (my birthday!) at midnight. Enter up to 6 times! a Rafflecopter giveaway. EITHER WAY, THE CHALLENGE IS: How can you train yourself to become an expert at finding the silver lining in every experience?

ANSWER: Just ask.

3 Steps For Finding A Silver Lining In Any Situation

It’s not about positivity – it’s about leveragability. See more of Leticia Rae - Finding The Silver Lining on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Personal Coach. Power of Positivity. News & Media Website. Dalai Lama Such a great young lady thanks again for giving me the opportunit y to make my life better and always looking for my silver lining every day my life is so much better now /5().

Finding a Silver Lining. by Angela Hickman. July 5, We thought that maybe she was just nervous. It’s an emotional day.” Create an Account.

Finding the silver lining in all of life’s ups and downs is not the easiest task, but it is necessary for maintaining internal peace. So we asked YOUR HEALTH.

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15 Choices that Lead to Finding the Silver Lining in Life

4 Weird but Effective Ways to Recharge Speaking from the perspective of being a Mom, I know that there is so much to do every day, that there is just not a lot.

A personal account of finding a silver lining on a rainy day
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